Few people pay credence to the work their Drivetrain does, day in day out. Through extreme conditions like sand mud, bull dust, snow and in temperatures that range from sub zero to 50+ degrees yourDrivetrain is doing it tough.

Making sure that it stays the distance is why CTO Industries have sourced the best possible components to upgrade your 4wd vehicle.

We can Fit and Supply Diff Locks and differential components from

CTO Industries can also fit and service;

Before you go on your epic adventure or start towing massive loads with your Dodge Ram, check in with us to learn how your rig is going to handle the conditions and if it might need some up specking to bring it in alignment with your demands.

CTO Industries can also guide you in what components might need changing through our Vehicle Preparation and Design Service.

Reach out to us today and make sure you're covered before you head off into the outback, the last thing you need is a “short break” of your Driveline components.