To build the ultimate Offroad Overlander you are going to need some sort of roof mounting system. Depending on the type of adventure you are planning, the type of vehicle and the length of the trip are all dependant on what sort of roof mounting system you might require.

When loading your Ram or 4 Wheel Drive its best practice to keep the weight as low as you can, a low centre of gravity is going to stop the 4 Wheel Drive from potentially rolling over in some conditions.

You also have to be sure of the roof mounting capacity that is set by the manufacturer or the manufacturer of the equipment that you plan to use.

CTO Industries chooses to use the range of Roof Racks and Storage systems fromRhino-Rack for their durability, strength and visual appeal.

Your choice is going to be determined by what it is you want to achieve with the vehicle, including things like;

CTO Industries can guide you through the maze of what is hot and what is not,to give your 4WD the functionality you are searching for without the hassle of all of the trial and error. We’ve done the research so you don’t need to…

CTO can also custom fabricate Roof Racks and Storage System vehicle specific, through the development partner ACF Designs. For example, some of our clients have asked for Chase Racks for the tray area of their Dodge Ram.

To learn more all you have to do is to reach out to us and we can supply the information and the gear to get you set up for your next Offroad Adventure.