It makes great sense that when you’re heading on your Adventure you’ll have massive demands on your electrical system. Your 4WD has now become your mobile home for the duration of the adventure. In our experience a lot of people underestimate the loads that are going to be placed on the vehicle electrical systems and overestimate the amount of accessories you’re going to need to run. 

CTO Industries has a Vehicle Build Consulting Service that allows you to be able to really flesh out what it is that you need for the upcoming tour, what the essentials are, and what might be considered as an extra. If you’re someonewho likes 5 Star Glamping, and why not, no problems. CTO Industries stock, service and sell everything that you’re likely to need for your upcoming 4 Wheel drive escape.    

We can guide you on your decision for these components;

Some of the brands CTO Industries stock and sell for your Ram 1500 and 2500, Chevrolet Silverado,Ford F Truck, and other popular 4 wheel drives are:

At CTO Industries we like to build things once and then go out and explore the country, time after time, knowing that because you bought quality components, you’re not going to be let down. In the Outback, that means the safety of your family and ensuring you’ll return safely with some amazing memories and ofcourse pics on your phone.

Reach out to us and let us know what trips you plan to do and the function of your American Import truck and we can guide you through the maze of 12 Volt and electrical components