The Design, Construction, Functionality and Visual Appeal are all critical factors when it comes tobarwork, underbody or Frontal Protection.

When designing bar work and protection CTO Industries have thought about the little details that make owning one of our products so easy. 

Things like all our bars are air bag compliant, the crumple zones of the vehicle have been maintained, the recovery loads and functionality, ease of access to winch, various light mount options, aerial mounts, high clearance but still protecting your vehicles vitals such as the radiator in the event of an accident.

And then there’s the visual appeal that needs to be thought about. Let’s face it, most bar work on the market is either, sturdy, useful and offers great protection OR , thin, low quality but offers reasonable looks. Our aim was to design a compliant bar with quality, performance and aesthetics all included. It’s time to have your cake and eat it too.

4 Wheel Drives have a criticalvulnerability and that is the underbelly. This is where all of the drivetrain lives and where all of the rocks, stones, trees, sticks, mud and everything else lives as well.

When you mix critical components with these types of threats, damage is inevitable. That’s where the CTO Industries underbody protection comes in. Through the design excellence at ACF Designs we have crafted a range of underbody protection that creates a protective barrier under your 4wd so no harm can come to those vital components.

Contact us to learn more on the range and what you might require for your next Offroad Adventure. If you need something special we can custom build it for you.