<pWith over 40 years of competitive excellence, Fox Racing Shocks have carved a niche in the shock absorber world. Starting back in 1974 from humble beginnings making air shocks for motorcycles, to now a global company making shocks for Mountain Bikes, Offroad Race cars, Indy cars and Prerunners. In fact if it has wheels, then Fox pretty much have a shock for it.

Fox have been on the cutting edge of developing bypass technology both internal and external for many years now.

The Fox range of Shocks includes;


CTO Industries are proud to be able to supply Fox Shocks and see there are many synergies between the two companies in terms of passion and commitment to delivering a premium product that will stand the test of usage and the test of time.

It’s when you go outback and do some crazy stuff and come back in one piece smiling from ear to ear.  That’s when you know you’re riding on Fox Shocks.

Contact CTO today to ask us about how Fox Shocks can enhance the ride in your 4 Wheel Drive, Tourer or Tow vehicle.