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CTO has emerged as a leader in the offroad, overlanding, and 4wd Accessory market. Specialising in premium brands, products, and workmanship allowing you to enjoy your next Adventure to the fullest.

Our commitment to our clients is that we only ever sell products that we would use on our own vehicles. We are not interested in the flavour of the month or what’s hot on Instagram. We prefer quality service, premium products, and the knowledge that each and every product is going to perform its jobs when needed and as needed.

Say goodbye to the upsell, our builds and specific 4 Wheel Drive upgrades will be fit for purpose, and we will only ever recommend what is correct for your application and nothing more. 

We treat each customer as a family member, so you know you will get looked after and given objective advise that will steer you in the right direction, saving you time money and the dreaded learning curve. Go with what works!

Welcome to the CTO family….   

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overland builds

CTO Industries can create Overlander, Towing Or Prerunner Builds

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Welcome to the CTO family, learn more how we can help you escape to the Outback

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Reach out to us to have any of your Overlanding questions answered

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GVM, GCM, Legalities and Options Demystified - or so we hope
19 - Jan - 2024

GVM, GCM, Legalities and Options Demystified - or...

Title: Maximizing Your Truck's Potential with a GVM Upgrade Are you the proud owner of a new truck but baffled by the terms GVM, GCM, Tare weight, and all the legal intricacies surrounding vehicle weight limits? Fear not, because we're here to demys...

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Joel's ZR-2 Build
09 - Jun - 2023

Joel's ZR-2 Build

Check out Joel's ZR-2 that arrived from our good friend Corey at Frankston GMSV! Initially, it came into our space for a GVM upgrade, but it didn't take long for this project to become something even more exciting. In addition to the vital GV...

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Ram 1500 DS with Super clean Machined Racelines
07 - Jun - 2023

Ram 1500 DS with Super clean Machined Racelines

Shoutout to our new CTO Family member, Jarryd, who came to us after receiving a solid recommendation. He booked in for an incredible transformation of his ride - starting with the tough Raceline Ryno Machined wheels, 35" Yokohama Tyres, and a top-...

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