Once we buy our favourite 4 Wheel Drive and start the build process we tend to start with the Wheels and Tyres. In most cases before the unit has left the showroom floor we’ve added 35’s and a trick set of wheels to the new 4wd build.

Wheels can make your 4x4 look awesome or lame, and to a lot of people that look is subjective, you know one man’s meat is another man’s poison. And to us that’s ok!!

A few things you might want to add to your list of things to do when searching out wheels for your next adventure is the load rating of the wheels and if they are bead locked or not.

In some cases the load rating might be below what you require based on the extra gear that you have or are about to add to your vehicles, especially those with a GVM upgrade.

CTO Industries can take the mystery out of purchasing wheels for your Ram, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F Truck or any vehicle you choose as your base. CTO chooses to stock and offer Raceline wheels due to their, history, quality and proven performance, we can however get various brands of wheels in such as; Method Racewheels and steel wheels if you need them.

Raceline Wheels have been around in the USA for many years supplying premium wheels that look amazing on American import types of trucks and have stood the punishment of Offroad Racing in all classes.

It’s this heritage and development in the top end of motor racing that sets Raceline  Wheelsapart, their commitment to suppling premium quality and having that dependability is in alignment with CTO Industries values and that’s why we sell them.

For the visual impact, durability you desire and the performance, you can bank on make Raceline Wheels your first choice.

Reach out to us at CTO Industries and we can set you up with the right size wheels to get you rolling… Oh and you might want to look at a wheel and tyre combo, and yes we can do that for you as well….