To most, tyres are something that are round and black and you have to replace as a grudge buy. For others like us in the overlanding community, we see tyres as an integral part of a critical mix of performance enhancing components on the vehicle.

They serve a specific purpose, and that is to maintain traction on as many and varied surfaces as needed, with reduced wear and when on the road they need to be round and quiet. 

Our choice of tyre is away from what people might expect. Yokohama Tyres have been quietly developing tyres that outperform many of the competition with less wear and less fuss when it comes to onroad driving whilst providing incredible performance off-road in all scenarios.

At CTO Industries we have found the range and available sizes are perfect for the style of vehicle we see on a regular basis.

Our Yokohama Tyres range of tyres includes;

The Geolandars come in all popular sizes up to a whopping 40/13R 17 121Q.

Geolandars have forged a reputation in desert racing, Paris Dakar and Offroad racing amassing several titles along the way. What that means for you on a day to day level is that your tyres have instant cred and the peace of mind that they will wear appropriately, handle amazingly, perform outstanding off road and the only singing you will hear is on Spotify.

CTO Industries are happy to create wheel and tyre packages to suit your Ram, Chevrolet Silverado, Ford F Truck or your 4 Wheel Drive.