Vehicle recovery is one of those inconveniences that can make or break your adventure. There have been countless stories of people with all types of four wheel drives that have been stuck for hours or have in fact lost vehicles because they didn’t have the correct recovery equipment.

At CTO Industries we know the only time you’ll ever need a Winch is when you’re stuck. Although this might seem silly to say, you wouldn’t believe the amount of people who race out and purchase an incorrect size winch or poor qualityWinch for theirvehicle.

This is why we use only  Warn and Carbon Winches, both extensively tested in the lab and in the field, low failure rate, high performance, and sure to keep your adventure on track!

Here’s how we suggest you choose the correct Winch;

Once you’ve settled on the best choice for your Winch you can then grab yourself Recovery Gear, CTO Industries stock and supply;

Make sure you have quality Recovery Gear and take it with you on your Overlanding Adventures and you’ll have that peace of mind that even if you do get stuck you can recover your 4 Wheel Drive with relative ease.

Feel welcome to reach out to us to get advice on what it is that you should take and the brands we recommend.