It’s amazing sometimes as to the extent which a Manufacturer will go to, to deliver at the highest level of competition. King Off-Road Racing Shocks is one of those companies. Their attention to detail, the level of finish and the crazy levels of testing they go to ensuring you get more than you ever expected when you ride on their shocks.

Here is an excerpt explaining how King Shocks carry out testing;

Every King product is the result of constant testing and development done with top racers in competition worldwide. This real world testing exposes Kings' designs to a level of abuse and destructive forces that cannot be duplicated in a laboratory. In addition to the busy field-testing schedule, preliminary designs are quantified using Kings state of the art, electro-magnetic, shock dyno capable of inducing shaft speeds up to 120 inches per second with a drive position resolution of 1 micron. It can play back racecourse data collected from a number of commonly used onboard, automotive data acquisition systems and uses a non-contacting Infrared style transducer to monitor temperature readings. It’s the closest thing to real world conditions without getting sand in your shoes.” 

King Off-Road and Racing Shocks

It’s also this level of passion and commitment to the customer experience that CTO Industries and King Off Road Shocks share, this is the reason why we strongly believe in their brand for out builds.

CTO Industries stock all major models, and supply the complete range of King Shocks including;

Transform your Overlander, 4 Wheel Drive, Prerunner or Race car with King Off-Road Shocks through CTO Industries. Reach out to us to learn more about fitment and how they will apply to your build.