“Build Your Adventure”

CTO was started as we were tired of products and businesses reliant on marketing hype, influencers and products developed on profit not quality.

The main objective for CTO is to provide class leading products that allow you to Build Your Adventure, followed with classic customer service, and the peace of mind knowing each component of your build will work as needed when needed.

It is easy to get lost or sidetracked in our fast moving world which is why CTO has a list of core values; Loyalty, Honesty, Dedication and Family being the most important.

These are not just words but a representation of how we strive to live our lives and believe our customers have the same values and mindset for adventure.

These words are the essence of CTO and the way we go about taking care of business. You could say old school values and new school business model…Every aspect of the company is put through the lens of these values.

Some of these areas include; 

That’s why when you purchase a full size truck (Ram, F-Truck, Silverado etc.) or a domestic 4wd (Hilux, Ranger, Landcruiser etc.) CTO can build you the ultimate setup for you next Family Adventure with quality components, fit for purpose and engineered for safety and peace of mind. 

We see our customers as more than a revenue stream. We see them as partners in building a brand larger than the name, as active participants in our community we call Our Family.

Our vision is to support and enable your Overland needs, 4 Wheel Drive Adventure, or the ultimate addition to tow your caravan.

CTO welcomes you to the Family. If you’d like to know more about our product range and as to how we can Build Your Adventure, contact us.