In a lot of peoples mind, Suspension is all about Form vs Function. At CTO Industries it has to be all about both.

At one end of the spectrum you have a vehicles built for weekends of tackling the hardest tracks and trails you can find, to a Family setup to spend weeks away and see as little civilization as possible whilst keeping some conveniences, to those wanting to have a well setup vehicle that can tow their caravan with ease and comfort all across Australia.

One thing is common to all of these builds, and that is, in order to achieve the desired outcome for your dream build you need to set the suspension up with premium components like King Racing Shocks, Fox Shocks. This allows CTO to valveyour shocks and select your springs to suit your ride and needs.

It makes sense that racing is going to require a massively different set up than a road going build or someone that is towing or overlanding.

That’s part of the CTO Industries difference. We design, develop and use products that are application and vehicle specific whilst remainingADR compliant to retain the insurance and road worthiness of your next build.

When off road you need to know that the dynamics of the vehicle will keep your family safe and perform fuss free. That’s why we only stock and sell premium suspension products.

Allow us to learn more about what build you’re working on and what you plan to do with the Vehicle so together we can Build Your Adventure. We can consult with you on the build, or if required, give you a hand to design and develop products for you.

Reach out to us here and let’s have that conversation….