BDS 4" Lift Kit for 2019+ Ram 2500 with Fox 2.0 Shocks / Coil Suspension


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Unrivaled Performance Upgrade

Revamp your Ram 2500 (Coil Suspension) with the BDS 4 Lift Kit from Outback Kitters. Engineered for rugged terrain, this kit is your gateway to uncompromised performance. The inclusion of Fox 2.0 Performance Series IFP Shocks ensures a smooth, controlled ride on any path. Feel the difference as heavy-duty front and rear coils elevate your vehicle with an extra 4 inches of ground clearance, empowering you to conquer challenging landscapes while exuding unparalleled confidence.

Superior Durability & Reliability

Elevate your driving experience with the BDS Suspension 4 Lift Kit. Crafted for the 2019+ Ram 2500 DJII DT, this kit guarantees unmatched durability and reliability. Engineered with precision, the kit features top-tier materials that withstand the harshest conditions. The combination of heavy-duty coils and Fox 2.0 Shocks not only adds a commanding 4-inch lift but also fortifies your vehicle for off-road adventures, ensuring resilience and dependability in every drive.

Unleash Your Adventurous Spirit

Embark on a journey of exploration and excitement with the BDS 4 Lift Kit for your Ram 2500. Experience the thrill of conquering diverse terrains as this kit amplifies your vehicle's capabilities. Unleash your adventurous side with the confidence of superior ground clearance and a reinforced suspension system. Whether navigating rocky trails or cruising through challenging landscapes, this kit empowers you to embrace every adventure with unwavering assurance.

This kit includes:

  • Front & Rear Fox 2.0 Shocks
  • Front & Rear Coils (Coil Suspension)
  • Front Coils & Rear Spacers (Air Suspension)
  • High Strength Radius Arms
  • Transfer Case Index (6 Bolt)

Tyre & Wheel Combinations

37x12.5 w/ 17x9/18x9/20x9 and 5.625" back spacing
35x12.5 w/ 17x9/18x9/20x9 and 4.5-5" back spacing
*Trimming may be required*

Make Model Year
RAM 2500 DJ 2019
RAM 2500 DJ 2018
RAM 2500 DJ 2017
RAM 2500 DJ 2016
RAM 2500 DJ 2015
RAM 2500 DJ 2014
RAM 2500 DJ 2 2019
RAM 2500 DJ 2 2020
RAM 2500 DJ 2 2022
RAM 2500 DJ 2 2021
RAM 2500 DJ 2 2023

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