Joel's ZR-2 Build

  • By CTO Admin
???? Check out Joel's ZR-2 that arrived from our good friend Corey at Frankston GMSV!
Initially, it came into our space for a GVM upgrade, but it didn't take long for this project to become something even more exciting. In addition to the vital GVM enhancement, this bad boy also got AMP Electric Steps and a Stainless Borla Exhaust both product proudly made in the USA???????? that help taking its remarkable capabilities to the next level. ????????

Now, this ZR-2 doesn't just deliver performance; it offers a complete driving experience. Every journey is poised to be as effortless and exhilarating as possible.
At CTO Industries, we're thrilled to help vehicle owners like Joel realize their ride's potential. Cheers to the power and beauty of Joel's enhanced ZR-2! ????????

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