Adventure Destinations: Windjana Gorge, WA

  • By CTO Admin

The Kimberley region is one of those places that never ceases to amaze with all the wild and strange things to see. Windjana George is located 140km from Derby out along the Gibb River Road. As yo approach, it may look like most other rocky escarpments, but it has history and secrets to be discovered. The Napier Range itself is limestone with the upper ridges composed of an ancient 350 milloin year old, Devonian age, coral reef.



The top of the range is a laberinth of razor sharp coral like spires and deep caves and crevasses. To explore here is to venture through a doorway to another time. Winjana George has formed as the Lennard River cut through the limestone range creating a 3.5km gap honeycombed with hollows and cavitys within the cragy walls. Walking tracks with signage guide you along the way as you hike through the george. Fresh water crocadiles bask in the sun as they keep a sharp eye on visitors as they pass. Ornate, and sometimes grotesque Boab Trees create photo opportunities flanked by the weathered and worn cliffs. Camping is available with basic toilet facilities close to the george entrance.

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